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You can be assured that the plants you take home from our farm are safe for you and your pollinators! We never use chemical pesticides on our farm.

Our seeds and plant starts are sourced from reputable, inspected producers. We never dig native plants from the wild, because so many species are endangered.  

Licensed and inspected annually by Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  License # 14476

Please note: With the exception of May 5th Open house event, we will not have the farm open during this year. 
You may find us almost every Saturday morning at the Depot Street Farmers Market in downtown Greeneville, right in front of the federal courthouse and the events listed on our pdf and on our website.

About our farm:

snow house

Our farm house winter 2010

We are a small family farm, striving to be self-sustaining. We grow much of our own food, without the use of chemicals, which negatively impact the earth and her inhabitants. Our goal is to learn and implement aspects of permaculture and eco-agriculture on the farm.

We live on the old Lyman King farm in the Greene County, TN area known as Cross Anchor. The house was built by Lyman’s father in the early 1900s, with additions added through the years. We own 31 acres of the original farm, said to be over 400 acres at one time. Our barn, built out of chestnut from the property, is as old as the house.

Roughly half of the farm is wooded hills, and a climb to the top yields beautiful views of the mountain range on the TN/NC border. It’s like another world up in those woods, I dream of a little off-grid cabin up there one day!


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