Announcement: Indigo Dye Class Available Now for June 10, 2018:
Our Indigo Dyeing Class is now available to register online. Only $35 for each person attending. For more information click here: Indigo Dye Class I: An introduction to dyeing with Indigo. Deadline for registration is June 5th.

Our 2018 brochure plants list is now available as a pdf, click this link:    brochure2018_sheets.pdf

Please note: We did not include our peppers and tomato plants list on the pdf as they are for sale for only a limited time. They are as follows:
Tomatoes: German Johnson, Aunt Ruby’s Green, Homestead, Mortgage Lifter, Mr. Stripey, Cherokee Purple, San Marzano, Gardeners Delight, Black Cherry, Tiny Tim.
Peppers: Sweet Banana, Cayenne, Jalapeno, Habanero, Yellow Bell, Green Bell.

We specialize in herbs, perennials and native plants 


  You can be assured that the plants you take home from our farm are safe for you and your pollinators! 

We never use chemical herbicides or pesticides on our farm.

Our seeds and plant starts are sourced from reputable, inspected producers. We never dig native plants from the wild, because so many species are endangered.  

Licensed and inspected annually by Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  License # 14476



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