More dirt maneuvers

Getting a front loader/back hoe again for this weekend.  We have some straightening up to do from the previous front loader/back hoe, as well as some out of control weeds to contain.  I’m looking forward to being on a dirt mover again, even though this one will be smaller than the previous one.  I’ll update with pictures this weekend with the machine, and whats happening, and probably a picture or two of me running it.  On the agenda for this weekend:

  • Pushing some weeds and overgrowth out of the way
  • Smoothing out in front of the greenhouse to allow mowing and/or tilling as needed
  • Knocking down of the dirt bank behind the greenhouse for grass control
  • Digging a trench around the greenhouse for water irrigation
  • Possibly making a basket-ball goal flat area (possibly)

There will probably be more added to this list but there you have it for now.  Until the next update, take care and happy farming.