Pulling Plastic

greenhouse with roof in place

greenhouse with roof in place

Well, we had a pretty good showing at Summerfield Farm this morning.  Jerry from the local master gardeners arrived as well as Heather’s father, John “Poppy” and my father, Raymond “Skip”.   With those 3 plus Heather, JT, Tyler and myself, that gave us 7 folks.  There was a minor rain scare very early on with a few sprinkles but the rain held off and we now have both layers of plastic roof on the greenhouse. This just leaves the ends to be sheeted with plastic and the skirt along the bottom sides and the structure will be completed.  Still a long way to go with electrical, heating, etc. to be done but up to this point we’re now happy campers.  Just as the last wiggle wire was being put into place it began to rain so we called it a day.  Nature was smiling upon us this day :).

Two days ago we started to install a front screen door on to our house.  As of yesterday it is very nearly done with only some trim to put into place.

A few days ago we purchased a bunch of Georgia sweet onions and some garlic seed.  These are now in the ground and ready to winter for a hopeful spring harvest.

A thank you shout out is deserving for Poppy, Skip, Jerry, JT, and Tyler for a good days work.  All those hands certainly made things easier.  And another thank you shout out for Pam “Little Bird” for cooking chicken and dumplings for the crew for lunch today.  Mmmm mmmm good.