Sunset 10-3-2012

Well, I finally get to sit down for a few minutes.  Been a busy day at work and then again at home on the farm.  Today I did some fresh tilling in a grassy area where we will be making garden area.  That Cub Cadet tiller sure isn’t a Troy Built like my dad has (one from about 20 yrs ago) but it is doing an ok job of cutting through the virgin land.  JT had been cutting grass to get ready for our greenhouse workday coming up this Saturday.  His attention then turned to the new front screen door that has yet to be put up.  Well, I thought I was done, so I started helping on that little project….

sunset 10-3-2012 at Summerfield Farm

sunset 10-3-2012 at Summerfield Farm

Now, about half way through measuring twice and cutting once on some wood, my eyes gathered some color from the sky.  I liked it enough that I snapped this picture.  This is a panorama taken with my phone.  I love panoramas for landscape photography.  The phone takes a few pictures as you move slowly one way or the other and the phone combines the images into one wide “panorama”.

Yesterday we bought some garlic and onion seeds.  I’ve been told these will ‘winter over’ and be ready for harvesting in the spring.  I love fresh raw onion in tuna and egg salads and love the smell of fresh onion and garlic sizzling in a cast iron frying pan on a wood stove…. mmm mmm good.

That’s all for this day of updates. ~Dale