A weekend full of work

Newly graveled parking area.

Newly graveled parking area.

We got much accomplished here this weekend.  Skip and Poppy were here as well as Robert and Tyler. We also rented once more the small front-end loader/backhoe from Greene County Rentals.  Lets see if I can remember everything we accomplished…

  • Tables taken inside and arranged
  • Electrical nearly completed
  • Drainage Ditch in place
  • Parking area dragged
  • Parking area graveled
  • Greenhouse shelter removed
  • Electrical ditch line filled
  • Fencing and posts removed
  • Trailer with heater recovered and moved
  • Dragged two trees for firewood
  • Cut and split most of said firewood
  • Mulch placed on paths
  • Mulch placed beside parking area
  • Side skirts working
  • Heater mounted and assembled
  • Door removed, trimmed, and replaced
  • Burn pile burned

That’s a ton of work in only two days.  I must say it’s been a fabulous weekend and 70+ degrees in mid January was just way too much to pass up.  

We expect the electrical to be completed and the heater gas connected in the next couple of days. It’s getting near crunch time and we’re starting to feel the pressure. 

Have a great week folks.