Recent Wind takes it’s toll at SF

The recent wind storms which came through the East Tennessee area really took it’s toll on our small hard-sided greenhouse.

18 wheeler blown over by high winds

18 wheeler blown over by high winds

Several days worth of winds in North East TN, some of these winds reported to exceed 60 mph, caused large scale damage. With over 60 local roads closed or at least partially blocked, and this 18 wheeler blown onto it’s side (Camp Creek area), we feared the worst of our farm and greenhouses.  Luckily and happily our large commercial size greenhouse that is still to be finished came through unscathed as far as we can tell.  In fact we worked a bit more on it yesterday and are nearly ready for the electric and gas to be connected.  I will post updates with pictures on the recent progress soon.






Little greenhouse wind damage

Our little greenhouse however, failed the test. The wind blew strong another two days after this picture was taken.  You’ll notice the two sliding doors on the front (left).  Those are now laying on the ground and the farthest side roof is no longer attached.  It’s a complete wreck even worse than this picture shows.  We plan to repair (rebuild) our little greenhouse soon. Our primary objective is the commercial greenhouse for right now, we hope to have it operational in another month!!


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