Honey Bees have arrived from wild hive swarms

We have something of an anomaly here at Summerfield Farm, wild honeybees that have lived in one of our trees for at least the last seven years.  This just doesn’t seem to happen anymore.  There’s probably a host of reasons but we tend to believe Monsanto and poison spraying has a lot to do with that.


2013-05-29 10.40.51

Honeybee swarm in limbo

Enter our wild honey bees.  A few days ago we were fence clearing near our wild honeybee hive and one of us noticed a honeybee swarm nearby. Our wild honeybees had swarmed, and were sitting idly by on a tree limb waiting for us to invite them to what we hope will be their long term new home.



Bee keeper Jerry.

Heather excitedly called on a couple of our bee keeping friends and first to arrive was our bee friend Jerry.  He quickly made his preparations, donned his bee keeping uniform and set out to tend the small swarm of bees on yon tree limb.


Jerry quickly moved our bee platform to it’s new location, cut the limb the bees were on, and brushed them with a broom into a basket.  He then turned the basket over the bee hive box and they all dropped into place.  Last but not least, he reassembled the bee box with a little sugar water house warming gift inside. Before we knew it we had a honeybee family living in one of our very own honeybee hive boxes.

We give a whole hearted thank you shout out to Jerry, for rushing by here on very short notice..


But Wait!!  There’s more…..


Bee keeper Alan.

Bee keeper Alan.

Not only did our rare wild honeybee hive send out a small swarm, but two days later they sent out another even larger swarm.  This time we were aided by our friend Alan.


Alan gets ‘er done without the full compliment of a bee keepers uniform, donning only the bonnet.  In fact, at the end of it he even left off the bonnet while working the bees.  He didn’t get stung not one single time.  Sweet!

Pretty much the same case.  Prep, build platform, set box, cut limb with the bees and place said bees into the box.  Not quite as smooth as he had to rinse and repeat the moving to the box part a few times, but we won’t hold that against him.  Come on, shorts and short sleeves here LOL.  All in all, a job well done from our Bee keeper Alan.  Another big thank you from us to Alan for coming and helping us out.

May we reach many many more honeybee hives here at Summerfield Farm, where the honeybee IS on our logo afterall. Big Smile


I’m including the rest of the pictures we took from this whole process that I didn’t use in the above article as well as a short clip video of Alan.


Bee Keeper Jerry:


Bee Keeper Alan:


Bee keeper Alan on video: (and for the record, yes she was in thereSmile)