Time for the shadecloth

2013-04-30 16.49.04

We feel it’s time for the shadecloth,  And the difference it makes is astounding.  Before we put the shadecloth up the fans would routinely be fighting to keep it in the lower 90’s inside this thing. We would water the plants, and by the time we finished watering some of the first plants watered would be starting to dry again.  All this with both large exhaust fans running and both drop curtains dropped.  I’m a rather hot natured fellow myself and I can tell you I didn’t cotton to being inside our own greenhouse.  I could only imagine if the power had gone out, every plant in there would have fried.

And now, shadecloth!  The different is truly amazing.  Where the fans ran nearly all day now they don’t run nearly all day.  The temperatures went from averaging in the 90’s to averaging high 70’s to lower 80’s, very close to the same temperature as the outside ambient temperatures. Some plants go all day with their soil still moist the next morning.  When you walk in there it’s just like walking into a tree limb tunnel, very cooling and soothing (for me anyway).

So, if you have a greenhouse, and it’s getting just too warm no matter how many windows, doors, and/or curtains might be open, and/or how many fans might be running, I highly recommend you invest in some shadecloth for it, the difference is night and shady day. Still Dreaming