Honeybees update 7-5-2013

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the public about the progress on our honeybees. Here is our update for today 7-5-2013

2013-07-05 12.38.12

AJ showing the bees

A.J. ventured to our farm today to check up on the bees, and do a little remodeling for them.  The bees are all doing well.  We have a third hive now since our last update.  If I remember correct, we have one hive building on it’s 6th frame, one hive building on it’s 5th frame and the 3rd hive is building on it’s 4th frame.  

2013-07-05 12.37.39

Heather up close and personal with the honeybees.

Heather ventured so far as to get a little demo/how to for handling a bee frame.  I was watching the whole thing from a safe distance Big Smile

We had a near catastrophe from the very heavy rains of about a month ago, one of our bee hives (the 2nd one) went for a ride down a makeshift temporary river.  I’m not much of a bee keeper myself but I was out there with Heather, JT and Emma at midnight that night to rescue them from the knee deep rushing water.  Since then we have moved them to higher ground and a better area for us to tend to them.  They seem to have recovered nicely.

So until next time, enjoy the picture gallery and short video from todays update.