Greenhouse addition started

additionFor those that are familiar with what our greenhouse looks like, this will be quite a change for you. 

We have been using a soft end wall approach and have finally decided to go with a solid end wall. The addition will be completed as we can (mostly for me working 50+hrs/week). This should be a much more efficient form of insulation and wind control than we have been using.

Once completed Heather will be in charge of painting and is trying to decide on a color scheme.

IMG_20140309_172625_209UPDATE: I forgot to include that I have repaired/replaced the brace onwhich the curtain crank was attached. I certainly wish I had gotten some before pictures on this one (and I’m sure my brother will remind me of that as I often remind him of the sameLaughing).

The board is much longer, stronger and has 3 contact locations instead of 2. I also placed the crank hardware on the outside of the 2×6, all of which has made the curtain crank much more secure and stable.  We had no idea how much pressure these things would actually have on them.


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