Breaking out the Baby Wolf

IMG_20141231_125824Sweetie has had the desire lately to break out the baby wolf floor loom. Blame it on winter I suppose but I have been sharing that desire of late. So, yesterday we pulled it out from the back room, yanked the sheet off of it and scratched our heads as how to use it…. yet again.





IMG_20141231_132742Down to studying…. again. And with these three books (The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book; The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory; and Learning to Weave) and an overnight sleep on it we set in to making our first baby wolf loom project. I have been very close to understanding the floor loom zen before and just never went for it. Now I understand it. I strive to understand it in the same way I understand the inkle loom, nearly like Neo understands the Matrix. 




IMG_20141231_101744Anyway, we set out to work on this together. I have warped this beast by myself in the past only to feel like I kinda hate it and hate working on it. This time, however, we worked it together and it went quite smooth and stress free. I very highly recommend having help warping the big floor looms if you can





The following little image archive is in order from start to finish (I will add the finished piece when we pull it out of the machine). Enjoy: