Busy weekend with a digging machine

Backhoe rental for a busy weekend

Tyler having fun working

Tyler having fun working


Pushing the dirt back in


Tyler just starting, still figuring out the controls


Shovel? What shovel?

We rented a small backhoe this weekend and had a lot of things in mind to do with it.  We set right at it and I asked my son Tyler if he wanted to have a go with it.  He said he’d give it a try and he was on it the entire day (and got sun toasted lol)


Hydrant works


New hydrant with trench leading away


New hydrant


Tyler driving, me with shovel 🙁


First thing we set out to do was dig a trench to the new hoop house and install a new hydrant inside. Tyler set to digging while Steve (friend) and I did the finesse of a hand shovel where needed. We also moved the existing hydrant about ten feet toward the north. 


Waterfall Pond


A pond with a trickling waterfall in the works.

Managed to get a sweetie job done too (partly). Heather has been wanting for quite some time now a little pond with a trickling waterfall. Here you can see a nice little pond with a rocky waterfall. We ran the water hose to both fill it up and to have a little water trickling down to set up the waterfall structure. It turned out quite lovely. I will be changing an outside outlet shortly to get the pump running for this one.




Old Well (future) Rebuild


Old well (1)


Old well (2)

We have once again dug out the old pre-city-water well nearby the house in hopes to get it working again. Our very high hopes include it working well enough to furnish the house and the gardens with plenty of natural, un-modified, un-tampered with, un-poisoned water.  There are no records to indicate if the well quit operating correctly or if the owners at the time switched to city water on a promise and a prayer of the city. Not sure we will every know, but here’s to a well dug rebuild.


Last but not least, and with no pictures to show it, we fixed a water leak that had been leaking for quite some time under the parking area for the greenhouse. This was a connection in the line that ran water to the greenhouse and outlying gardens. Needless to say, I got to play in the mud and make mud pies on this one. Sorry, no pictures .