Big Plans for Spring 2016

This time of year my mind is swirling with ideas for the spring;  the greenhouse planting schedule, which foods to grow, starting that sacred space/medicinal herb garden I have always wanted. I tend to plan a little more than I should but I have the “do it now, you may not get another chance” mindset so here’s what I have going this year!

  • Student of Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine  I’m enrolled in the online class at the moment and  I love it!  The school is located just over the mountains from here, near Asheville, NC and one of the things I wanted in a medicinal herb class was to find one in our region.  I plan to venture over there to attend one of their on-site classes as well.
  • Herb shop/sewing shop- Those of you who have been to the farm have seen the little shed with the green roof that we added to the farm last spring.  We have deliberated, brainstormed, hashed it out and deliberated some more to decide the best use of the shed.  Our final decision:  move the sewing operation from the house to the new “shop” and share the space with an tiny herb shop!  Herbs and sewing have both been passions of mine for a long, long time and it just makes sense to do both.  The herb end of the shop will have a simple kitchen, for creating herbal concoctions and perhaps teaching those who want to learn about using herbs.  The sewing end of the shop will be for production as well as offering fabric and supplies for heirloom sewing.  Aunt Pam (my sewing partner) has taught heirloom sewing skills for years and she already has a few folks wanting to take a class! 
  • Monarch Waystation- Summerfield Farm has finally applied to be recognized as a Monarch Waystation by Monarch Watch!  We want to do our part in helping Monarch butterflies thrive by offering a safe place, free of herbicides and pesticides, in which they can feed and reproduce. We will be adding even more pollinator plants to our landscape here on the farm this spring.  More on this soon.
  • United Plant Savers– We are now a member of this non-profit organization that works to protect native medicinal plants in the US and Canada.  We are considering becoming a certified Botanical Sanctuary where the native plants would be protected and restored and the farm would be open for educational treks. Our farm has both open meadow and woodland environments and we look forward to learning about the native plants we have growing here and sharing that knowledge with others!  I hope to intertwine what I learn with the herbal medicine knowledge I am acquiring in the Chestnut Herb class.
  • Now, what else can I get us into?

~Heather Youngblood

 Summerfield Farm