Farm News – April 22, 2016 Earth Day!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Earth Day!  

Welcome to our new subscribers this week.  

Here’s what we have to chat about this week!

HONEYBEE NEWS!! Our excitement this week at the farm: We caught a swarm! Our oldest son, JT, happened to see the end of the cloud of bees that was leaving one of our hives.  The swarm settled on a fence post by the neighbor’s field.  Dale and I suited up and went to work. (No, swarming bees are not aggressive, but we don’t take chances! lol).  Dale caught as many as he could and put them in a new beehive box.  The goal is to get the queen into the box, the rest should follow and if she likes her new home, they set up housekeeping.  Well, we are on Day 3 and they seem to be settling in nicely.  On Day 5, we will check inside to see if the queen is laying eggs-a sure sign that we have ourselves a new hive!  We will keep you updated!

 (Dale catching the bee swarm)swarm April 20, 2016





Still Hollow Farm Barn Sale, Saturday April 23

We were scheduled to be a vendor at the Barn Sale but have had to cancel because of a death in the family.  We are sorry for any inconvenience and encourage everyone to attend the event and enjoy a beautiful day at Still Hollow Farm!  

Summerfield Herb Farm Greenhouse Opening- April 30 (10 am to 5 pm) and May 1 (12 to 5 pm)


Join us here at the farm and shop our greenhouse for our full selection of herbs, perennials, and veggie plants!  The tomato and pepper plants will be ready to take home that weekend.  We have 40 kinds of tomato plants to choose from this year, many of the popular heirloom varieties!  As always, we only use organic practices on our farm, so you can be assured there are no chemicals or GMOs here!

Joining us during our Open House on Saturday, April 30:

Pam “Little Bird” Etheredge making her Pine Needle Baskets.  Pam is a descendant of the Choctaw tribe of Mississippi and a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Aunt Pam and her husband Robert live here on Summerfield Farm.

Diane Thompson, of Afton, making her Appalachian-style Baskets.  Diane is an award-winning basket weaver.  Her baskets are beautiful, sturdy and functional for everyday use!  Heather owns many of Diane’s creations. 

Reeder Hill Farm, of Ottway, will have chicken, duck and goose eggs for sale.  If you haven’t met Alice Reeder yet, you are in for a treat!  She is a little ball of energy and lots of fun to talk to! Reeder Hill will be selling a variety of meats, including lamb, at the Depot Street Farmers Market beginning in May!

Chef Mary Goldman, of Greeneville, will demonstrate how to make herb butters and pestos. Yum! Chef Mary is the executive director of the Tabernacle Mission Soup Kitchen, president of the Depot Street Farmers Market organization, a fellow Master Gardener and a very talented personal chef. 

Regular Farm Hours  beginning May 5th

Thursday -Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, Sunday 12 to 5 pm

Depot Street Farmers Market, Greeneville May 14 – October 29 8 am to noon

Summerfield Herb Farm is proud to be a part of the new Depot Street Farmers Market in downtown Greeneville!  Opening Saturday, May 14, the market will be located on Depot Street in front of the Federal Courthouse. We are a “producer-only” market, all products being sold were made or grown by the vendor!  No re-selling and no third-party commercially-made items are allowed. See you at the market!


20160415_120951We had a great time at the Old Oak Festival at Tusculum College last weekend.  The weather was beautiful and the music and food were awesome.  We sent lots of plants to new homes, Spring fever is in full swing!




(Summerfield Herb Farm’s booth at the Old Oak Festival)


Happy Planting, Everyone! We continue to be overwhelmed by the support and interest in our farm!

 Thank you!

Dale and Heather

“Whatever lofty things you might accomplish today, you will do them only because you first ate something that grew out of dirt.” ~Barbara Kingsolver