$1.00 Special on remaining Pepper, Tomato, and Vegetable plants

This Saturday, at the Depot Street Farmers Market 9am to 1pm, we will have all of our remaining Pepper, and Tomato plants will be $1.00 each with no limit, and our remaining Vegetable plants at $1.00 per 6 pack. Only while supplies last, first come first serve.

Pepper Plants @ $1.00 each
California Wonder, green bell (s 0)
Yellow Bell (s 0)
Sweet Banana (s 0-250)
Pimiento (s 100-500)
Jalapeno (s 3k-8k)
Cayenne (s 5k)
Habanero (s 100k-300k)
Apocalypse scorpion (s 1.2m-2m)
s=scoville units

Tomato Plants @ $1.00 each
Barry’s Crazy cherry (i)y
Tiny Tim cherry (d)
Matt’s Wild cherry (I)
Black Cherry (I)
Sweetie Cherry (I)
Amish Paste (I)
Roma paste (d)
San Marzano paste (I)
Homestead red (sd)
Mortgage Lifter red (I)
Solar Flare red (I)
Rutgers red (I)
Cherokee purple (I)
Brandywine pink (I)
German Johnson pink (I)
Pink Bumblebee (I)
Hillbilly bicolor (I)
Mr. Stripey bicolor (I)
Dragon’s Eye bicolor (I)
Dixie Golden Giant yellow (I)
Aunt Ruby’s Green (I)

Vegetables in six pack @ $1.00 each
Zucchini, Cocozelle bush
Yellow Squash, Early straightneck
Watermelon, Crimson sweet
Cantaloupe, Hales Best
Cucumber, General Lee