Tomato Plants and Pepper Plants blow out sale!

This Saturday at the Depot Street Farmers Market (9am-1pm) and this Sunday here at the farm (12-5pm) we will be selling all tomato and pepper plants for $1 each until sold out. First come first serve. While supplies last only.

Indigo Dyeing Class I: An Introduction to Dyeing with Indigo

Ready, Set, Indigo.
Workshop class to introduce participants to the wonderful world of using Indigo as a natural dye right here at Summerfield Herb Farm
Sun. June 10
$35 per person
In this workshop you will learn several SHIBORI techniques including:
  • Itajime, a Japanese method of creating patterns in dyeing, somewhat similar to tie-dye. But instead of using string or thread to compress the fabric in places to prevent the dye liquor from penetrating, solid objects called resists are clamped onto it.
  • Arashi, also known as pole-wrapping shibori, arashi (Japanese for “storm”) shibori is a japanese dye technique that results in diagonal stripes that are reminiscent of storm driven rain.
  • Kumo. tying sections of fabric with fibers evenly which creates a pattern of spider web-like shapes.
An 8” x 72” hand hemmed habatai silk scarf will be provided for you along with all the other dyeing materials and equipment.
The scarf will be yours to keep and you will also be given your very own INDIGO plant to take home.

To order your spot in the class go here: Indigo Dye Class

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