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About our farm:

We are a small family farm, striving to be self-sustaining. We grow much of our own food, without the use of chemicals, which negatively impact the earth and her inhabitants. Our goal is to learn and implement aspects of permaculture and eco-agriculture on the farm.

We live on the old Lyman King farm in the Greene County, TN area known as Cross Anchor.  The house was built by Lyman’s father in the early 1900s, with additions added through the years.  We own 31 acres of the original farm, said to be over 400 acres at one time.  Our barn, built out of chestnut from the property, is as old as the house.  

Roughly half of the farm is wooded hills, and a climb to the top yields beautiful views of the mountain range on the TN/NC border.  It’s like another world up in those woods, I dream of a little off-grid cabin up there one day!

The Greenhouse: 

We built our greenhouse in 2012 and opened it in 2013.  Many thanks to our mentor Sandee Cook, a fellow Master Gardener, who taught me everything I know about managing a greenhouse.  Sandee also inspired me to learn about medicinal herbs, my current endeavor!  We lost Sandee in the fall of 2015, she is soaring with the eagles now!  

At the present time, we heat the greenhouse with propane.  We would like to move to a more economical and sustainable method of heating in the future.  We are researching rocket mass heaters and passive solar methods. This is a tall order being that the greenhouse is 30′ by 96′.  

The High Tunnel:

We received a grant in 2014 from NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) to build a high tunnel.  In return, they ask that we report activities relating to growing in the structure.  Major learning going on with this method of growing!

shedarrival Our farm workshop: Kitchen/Sewing room

The kitchen part of our workshop is evolving slowly, but surely!  We will be baking, and teaching herb classes in the near future. 

The sewing room part of the shop is home of our sewing line, Historic Threads. Aunt Pam and I started sewing together in the fall of 2009 in an extra room in our farmhouse.  We outgrew that room and relocated into the workshop in 2016.  Aunt Pam and I make heirloom childrens’ clothing and clothing for reenactors. We sell mainly through our Etsy shop, Historic Threads. 

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