African Blue Basil – 1 qt pot

African Blue Basil – 1 qt pot


A cross between camphor basil and dark opal basil. It is one of a few types of basil that are perennial (but not cold tolerant, bring into house in winter). African blue basil plants are sterile and will flower all year.

These plants will attract many species of pollinators. Many native bees of all sizes, butterflies, flies, and we’ve even seen a few hummingbirds go for these flowers. Lovely deep purple and green plants.

All parts of the flower, leaves and stems are edible; although some might find the camphor scent too strong for use in the kitchen, the herb reportedly yields a tasty pesto with a “rich, mellow flavor” and can be used as a seasoning in soups and salads, particularly those featuring tomato, green beans, chicken, etc.

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